14 Sep, 2012

By: Elizabeth Henry

What is E2020?

E2020, which stands for Education 2020, is an online program that provides courses for grades 6-12. This program creates a virtual classroom with teachers, classroom discussions, and lessons taught using instructional videos. It is used for recovering and acquiring credits.

How is Orchard Farm using E2020?

Right now Orchard farm is only using E2020 for credit recovery. This means that if students fail a course, they can receive that credit by passing the course online. Currently, most students  just retake the course the following year.  According to Principal Brian Smith, E2020 is helpful, because students won’t have to wait an entire year to retake a course. If they fail the 1st semester of a course they would normally have to wait until next year to retake it, but with E2020 they can take the 1st semester of a course during 2nd semester when that part of the course wouldn’t normally be offered.

How many students can be enrolled in this program?

Orchard Farm currently has five licenses for E2020, which means that five students during any one block can be taking the courses and each student can take up to five courses. Currently there are 18 students enrolled in those classes, but this is not the maximum amount.

What classes does Orchard farm currently offer with E2020?

Orchard Farm currently has licenses for Algebra II, English III, English IV, Sociology I, and Sociology II.

Will more classes be offered in the future?

Depending on how this year goes, more classes may be added next year including classes that students need to graduate such as geometry. Eventually, Smith said,  a class like personal finance might be offered online to all students.

How would a student apply for E2020?

A student would need to talk to guidance counselor Eric Schroer, who would look at their transcript to see if they are eligible. A student would need to have failed one of the classes being offered.

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